Ada_Ru Resources

We are proud to present open-source software developed by people of Ada_Ru community.

Title Description Author
adbi 0.2 Unified Database Interface for Ada. Works with Firebird and Oracle RDBMS. Maxim Reznik
ais 0.0.1 True Unicode support in Ada.Vadim Godunko
[wiki:files/asissq.tar.gz asissqSmall library over ASIS to categorize Ada library units with queries like Is_Declared_Pure, Is_Shared_Passive, Is_Preelaborated and etc. Vadim Godunko
[wiki:win_bin_en Binaries for Windows Repository of binary packages for Windows Maxim Reznik, Andry Ogorodnik
cocor_ada 1.53.1 Port of powerful Compiler Generator Coco/R to Ada. Alex Havva
SecurePolyORB 0.2w CORBA Secure Interoperability implementation for PolyORB. (Now part of PolyORB 2.2)Vadim Godunko
xmada 0.3w Ada binding for X Window System and OpenMotif/OSF Motif. It includes preliminary version of GUI builder. Small example here. Vadim Godunko
xslt 2005/11/28 Binding of two XSLT library: libxslt from GNOME project and Sablotron. Maxim Reznik

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