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[ada_ru] AdaStudio 2020

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Leonid Dulman
[ada_ru] AdaStudio 2020
2020-05-27 03:56:29

Announce : AdaStudio-2020 free edition

1. Qt5Ada is Ada-2012 port to Qt5 framework (based on Qt 5.15.0 final)   Qt5ada version 5.15.0 open source and qt5c.dll, built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 in Windows, gcc x86-64 in Linux (includes binaries prebuilds Qt 5.15.0).    Package tested with gnat gpl 2019 ada compiler in Windows 64bit , Linux Debian 10 x86-64   It supports GUI, SQL, Multimedia, Web, Network, Touch devices, Sensors,Bluetooth, Navigation and many others thinks.   Changes for new Qt5Ada release :   Added  new package: Qt.QPDF for manipulate wit PDF documents   The full list of released classes is in "Qt5 classes to Qt5Ada packages relation table.docx"                       2. VTKAda version 9.0 is based on VTK 9.0.0 (OpenGL2) is fully compatible with Qt5Ada 5..15.0   vtkc.dll,vtkc2.dll(, were built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 in Windows 10 (WIN64) and gcc in Linux Debian 10 x86-64(includes binaries prebuilds VTK 9.0.0)

3. Qt5AVAda is ada-2012 port to QtAV multimedia playback framework based on Qt + FFmpeg. Cross platform. High performace.   Easy to use and base on QtAV 1.13 developed by wang-bin .   QtAVAda buid widgets inside Qt5Ada application (includes binaries prebuilds QtAV 1.13 and ffmpeg 4.4.2)

4. Voice recognition package(speech2text) is a qtada extention, based on pockesphinx .   As a role ADA is used in embedded systems, but with  QTADA(+VTKADA) you can build any desktop applications with powerful 2D/3D rendering and imaging (games, animations, emulations) GUI, Database connection, server/client, Internet browsing , Modbus control and many others thinks.

AdaStudio-2020  web pageor Google drive (google drive. It can be mounted as virtual drive or directory or viewed with Web Browser) 

 I hope AdaStudio-2020  will be useful for students, engineers, scientists and enthusiasts With AdaStudio-2020 you can build any applications and solve any problems easy and quickly.

If you have any problems or questions, tell me know.





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