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Re: [F802-001 public] - GNAT GPL 2006 wrong duration of delay untill.

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Dmitriy Anisimkov
Re: [F802-001 public] - GNAT GPL 2006 wrong duration of delay untill.
2006-08-09 04:28:42

Pascal Obry wrote:




>This is expected as the Calendar.Clock can be adjusted for many reasons. >Like a DST change, an NTP synchronization or a user change in on the >system. Furthermore, GNAT clock implementation is based on a performance >counter (this gives a high resolution clock) and needs slight adjustment >from time to time. The problem you are reporting is probably due to one >of those adjustments.





As i see in windows time synchronization settings, the time adjustment happenes every week, but "delay until" duration increasing happenes every 10 hours,

and remain increased forever.

More over the adjustment could broke one "delay until", but i see increased every delay until after 10 hours working.


>The "delay until" construct is based on the monotonic clock

>(Ada.Realtime.Clock). Using this clock you should not have the above >problem. This is really the clock to used for long lived applications.

>Can you confirm that using the Ada.Realtime.Clock fixes the problem ?


I'll test it and notify you.

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