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Ко Дню Космонавтики. Announce: AdaStudio-2022 release 12/04/2022 free edition

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Leonid Dulman
Ко Дню Космонавтики. Announce: AdaStudio-2022 release 12/04/2022 free edition
2022-04-13 08:28:42

I'm pleased to announce AdaStudio-2022 .

It based on Qt-6.3.0-everywhere opensource (expanded with modules from Qt-5.15: qtgraphicaleffects qtgamepad qtspeech qtx11extras

qtwinextras),VTK-9.1.0,FFMPEG-5.1,OpenCV-4.5.5,SDL2-2.0.20,MDK-SDK(wang-bin) Qt6ada version 6.3.0 open source and qt6base.dll ,qt6ext.dll

(win64),, built with Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 x64 Windows, gcc amd64 in Linux.

Package tested with gnat gpl 2020 ada compiler in Windows 64bit , Linux amd64 Debian 11.1

AdaStudio-2022 includes next modules :

qt6ada,vtkada,qt6mdkada,qt6cvada(with face recognition) and voice recognizer.

Qt6Ada is built under GNU LGPLv3 license

Qt6Ada modules for Windows, Linux (Unix) are available from


Google drive


WebPage is

Directories tree is

AdaStudio – root


Prebuilt - Qt-6.3.0, VTK-9.1.0,



Win64 - prebuilt for Windows x64

qt-6.3.0win64.tar.bz2 - Qt-6.3.0

vtk-9.1.0win64.tar.bz2 - VTK-9.1.0

ffmpeg5.1.win64.tar.bz2 - FFMPEG-5.1 + MDK-SDK

opencv4.5.5qt6.win64.tar.bz2 - OpenCV-4.5.5

sdl2win64.tar.bz2 - SDL2-2.0.20

AMD64 - prebuilt binaries for Linux/Unix Desktop amd64

qt-6.3.0amd64.tar.bz2 - Qt-6.3.0

vtk-9.1.0amd64.tar.bz2 - VTK-9.10

ffmpeg-5.1amd64.tar.bz2 - FFMPEG-5.1 + MDK_SDK

opencv-4.5.5amd64.tar.bz2 - OpenCV-4.5.5

sdl2-2.0.20amd64.tar.bz2 - SDL2-2.0.20

etc.tar.bz2 - environment and

qt6ada - qt6ada components

qt6adademos.tar.bz2 - qt6ada demos

qt6adasrc.tar.bz2 - qt6ada packages

qt6adawin64.tar.bz2 - qt6ada win64 binaries

qt6adax86-64.tar.bz2 - qt6ada x86-64 binaries


mdkada - qt6mdkada components - qt6mdkada package

mdkadademos.tar.bz2 - qt6mdkada demos

mdkadawin64.tar.bz2 - qt6mdkada win64 binaries

mdkadaamd64.tar.bz2 - qt6mdkada amd64 binaries


qtopencvada - qt6opencvada components

qt6opencvadademos.tar.bz2 - qt6opencvada demos

qt6opencvadasrc.tar.bz2 - qt6opencvada packages

qt6opencvadawin64.tar.bz2 - qt6opencvada win64 binaries qt6opencvadax86-64.tar.bz2 - qt6opencvada x86-64 binaries

voicerecognizer - qt6ada voicerecognizer components

qt6speech2textwin64.tar.bz2 - qt6voicerecognizerada win64 binries

qt6speech2textx86-64.tar.bz2 - qt6voicerecognizerada x86-64 binries

speech2textdemo.tar.bz2 - qt6voicerecognizerada demos speech2textsrc.tar.bz2 - qt6voicerecognizerada packages

vtkada - vtk9ada componenets

vtkadademo.tar.bz2 - vtkada demos

vtkadasrc.tar.bz2 - vtkada packages

vtkadawin64.tar.bz2 - vtkada win64 binaries

vtkadax86-64.tar.bz2 - vtkada x86-64 binaries


The full list of released classes is in "Qt6 classes to Qt6Ada packages relation table.pdf"

The simple manual how to build Qt6Ada application can be readed in "How to use Qt6ada.pdf"

If you have any problems or questions, tell me know.


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